Sunday, June 15, 2008

LOS ANGELES. June 15th 2008, Home

Jack Johnson playing. 
The sound of the microwave going off, tick my food's done. 
Have i officially not learnt from my 4 years in college, or am i just having a sheer streak of rebellion of not "taking care" of myself. Ahh, delving too deep into things again. I'm just lazy today.

So, my parents are in Palm Springs, and this is the first in a month that i have had some quiet to myself. I'm allowing myself to move at the pace i want to march to; allowing myself to do the things i want to do and have the time to reflect, ponder and decide upon the things i need to make decisions on. 

My life has been all too interesting this past 10 years almost since i decided to leave my homeland, the sunny islands of Singapore. Moving from Sydney, to Long Beach, California, then to Brisbane, Queensland then back to Los Angeles, California. Now what next? 

Obvious choice. Place to stay, check. Resume on the dot, check. Opportunities, somewhat check despite the U.S economy declining and recession. The luxury fashion industry remains somewhat unaffected. 

"Don't fight your fate." My sister says to me. 

Funny, i have said that about my parents who left Los Angeles about 30 years ago after going to school at the University of Southern California. They fought their fate, grandparents forced them back to Singapore although my Dad loved California and is here practically like half the year. 

Now the answer is obvious, maybe i am a little too comfortable here in Los Angeles at the moment, and it's always hard to pull yourself out of your comfort zone, but doing that is great and liberating and makes you a stronger person.

Ok, random anecdote here. But, i went to speak with a philosopher at Venice Beach the other day. He was so eloquent and his tarot cards were so pretty. My sister was there to witness this, his reading was more like a philosophical speech to inspire all. Not specified at me though he did say some stuff directed at me. He said, " Sometimes you just have to act the part. Life is a stage. You pretend to be what you want to be. Whatever you pretend to be, you become. Sometimes, you are already there." 

There is some truth is that. 
However, the question is: " What do i want to be?" 

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